MMORPG Terms Defined MMO Terminology


Below is every MMO & MMORPG term beginning with the letter R:


Refers to the playable races in a game. Most fantasy MMORPGs have fantasy races such as Elves, Trolls, and Orcs. Other genres may have unique races such as neohuman.


A more substantial engagement involving a large organized group of players typically set in a dungeon and involving difficult bosses.


Short for regeneration of health, mana, or other attributes. Also a common healing spell.


At certain high levels in some games, you are given the chance to “respec” your character. When you respec, you recreate your character from level 1 until the present level in terms of skills/powers/abilities/etc.


Short for resurrection. Refers to abilities that revive players that have just died. Typically only available to healer classes.


“rolling on floor laughing” Usually said in response to a joke or funny situation. “ROFL he got killed by a lowbie!”


A common class archetype that relies on speed and stealth over brute force or spells. Variants of this class are found in all genres but in slightly different names such as; thief, agent, or assassin.


Abbreviation for Real Money Trade – selling virtual currency or items for real currency.


To “roll” on an item means to type “/random 100″, where the server’s random number generator puts out a number between 1 and 100, the most generally accepted “fair” way to distribute loot and settle disputes.


Can refer to a class of abilities as well as its effect. A root spell immobilizes a target. The target is then said to be rooted. Early versions of these abilities involved references to plants, hence “root”.


Realm vs. Realm. A type of player vs player combat that involves large numbers of players who belong to different factions or realms.