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Below is every MMO & MMORPG term beginning with the letter N:


To reduce the power of an ability, item, player, or action. Usually this is a term applied when a power or ability is reduced because it is perceived to be too powerful. Mostly used in the past tense, for example – “I can’t believe they nerfed rogues again, now I can’t kill anything!”


A new player to a particular game. Newbie is usually the nicer version of noob or nub.

Ninja (Looting)/ Ninjaing

Ninjaing refers to the purposeful looting of a drop from a monster that doesn’t follow the rules set by the group. This can take different forms in different games due to game-specific game looting mechanisms. In World of Warcraft, ninja looting refers to rolling for a BoP drop that a person should not have rolled on. Because WoW warns players when they roll for a BoP object, it is assumed that such behavior cannot be accidental. The player exhibiting such behavior is typically branded as a ninja looter. Used in a sentence: “Hey tom where did you get that epic sword for your hunter?” “I ninjaed it last night than /gquit!!”


The pejorative form of newbie.


“no problem”


Non-player character ie. a character controlled by the A.I


A spell type that deals the highest damage. Mages usually have the most nukes.