MMORPG Terms Defined MMO Terminology


Below is every MMO & MMORPG term beginning with the letter K:

K / KK / Kay

All variants have the same meaning: okay. Used to confirm a statement made by another player. Example: “Can I have this loot? K.”


To lure a mob or player around while attacking or allowing allies to attack. A player usually draws aggro by casting a mobility reduction spell on the target. The monster tries to follow the target but cannot catch up, leaving it open to attacks or the effects of DoT (damage over time) spells.


Acronym for “Kill on Sight”. Usually refers to characters who are disliked by a particular faction. E.g., “I killed too many guards, now I’m KoS in town!”


Kill Stealing. When one player attacks the same creature as another player and receives the reward for the kill instead of the person who originated combat. Newer games have mechanisms for discouraging this behavior.